Dear users,
we try to make our portal as easy to use as possible.
Therefore, our help is very clear. Should you have any questions regarding handling, feel free to contact us at kontakt@deloymedia.de .

1.) Registration 
There are basically 2 registration options: a user-account or a business account (for example as an artist).
Users can use all offers on our portal, under the usual conditions.

Business account holders can also publish or sell their own works.
Our terms and conditions apply.

After entering your registration data, we will send you a confirmation email that you must confirm via link. After that, your account is active.
You can also log into the community using the same access data.

Publish your community link in the Toleado profile:
(Only possible in the business account)
After you have logged in to the community and posted something, go to the gray search box, on the community homepage,  without logging in and enter your username. You will be shown one or more entries. Click on any entry and then click on your displayed user name. Now your link will appear in the URL bar. Copy this and post it to your Toleado profile. Finished!

2.) Title Download 
When downloading paid titles, the title must first be added to the cart and paid. After that he has to be sent to the playlist. There you can download it.
For free titles, no download function is available.
The only exception is Playbacks, GEMA-Frei and E-Books.

3.) Playlist 
To use a playlist, you have to be registered.
By clicking on small plus signs (for audio files in front of the title, for literature files at the end of the title) you can add tracks to the playlist.
Each registered user already has a default playlist, which opens by clicking on the cover image. However, each user can also add as many own playlists as you like.

4.) Upload title (only possible in the business account) 
After logging in on the menu item on the left “Upload title / albums” click. Then the mask “Title / Album Management” appears. Please enter your area here, e.g. Music, literature, etc.

Please do not forget to enter your Bank Details or PayPal connection. This is basically important, as we can only pay you for all due merits and shares.

Basically, several titles can be uploaded consecutively, you just have to click the button “Add new title”.

A short form of your paid titles you can also in the form of a Upload demos, next to the original file. If the title is called then only the demo appears. Only after the user has paid for the title, then he can use and download the entire original file.

Your titles appear publicly under your Artist- or Band- Name (unless it was registered at all entered the same name for relevant fields).

5.) Delete Title 
If you scroll down in the menu “Title / Albums Upload”, you will find the button “Delete Title “. If you press this you will be redirected to your profile. Here you can see all your titles and you can delete them by clicking on the rubbish bin.