Terms and Conditions of Use / Date: 15.02. 2019

Portal: “Toleado” Digital Media and Social Media Portal – Community.
Operators: De Loy Media

1.) General:
De Loy Media’s Toleado portal provides streaming, uploading and downloading services. Free submissions are not available for download (except playbacks and E-Books). Anyone who uses our web site, when registered, accepts all terms and conditions of Deloy Media. Participation in paid services (purchase and sale) is only possible from the age of 18.

1.1) Registered commercial users, artists, musicians, publishers, labels, authors have the opportunity to own works, free or paid on our, designated for this purpose Portals, offer and confirm with their registration that they own the copyrights or licenses for further use.

1.2.) All offers of our portals (eg downloads and streams) are intended for private use only. Commercial use is expressly prohibited and requires, in exceptional cases, a licensing agreement.Conditions for fee-based third-party contributions

2.) Each commercial user concludes a contract with the operator by registering for the following conditions:

2.1.) Commercial users undertake to publish only titles for which they have the rights (copyright or license right), especially for paid contributions. Please also note the copyrights for images and graphics!

Submitted paid titles and data will only be published by the portal operator after checking for legal violations. Offensive or defamatory contributions are not published. The revenues of commercial users from their paid services are divided between users and portal operators as follows:

85% for the benefit of the commercial user, 15% in favor of the portal operator.

3.) Settlements and disbursements are always made quarterly, with each commercial user receiving a transparent overview of their sold titles, by e-mail.

4.) Payments are made from a professional user’s Share of 20.- €

5.). Copyright violations lead to the immediate deletion of titles. Remuneration of these titles does not take place. Generated revenue will not be paid.

6.) If a commercial user deletes his account, all remaining claims against De Loy Media expire.

7.) Jurisdiction is Berlin

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